Mick Herbert Therapy

"It’s time to see what I can do. To test the limits and break through!"

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If you’ve arrived here, you probably want to look deeper into something that isn’t working for you. Sometimes, we just get stuck, we can’t make sense of everything by ourselves – and problems don’t tend to just go away. Psychotherapy is a unique relationship in which you’re encouraged to talk about and explore difficult feelings and thoughts.

The contemporary world was a fast-changing place, even before the recent Pandemic. The pace of life can lead to a sense of isolation. Therapy is a creative, nourishing process offering time to reflect and the chance to express the perhaps previously inexpressible.

Thirty years ago, an intelligent but stuck adult may have shied away from contacting a therapist. Today, it’s seen as a sign of good mental health that you’re engaging and asking questions. Talking with someone outside your day-to-day life who is curious, interested and trained to listen in a different way can lead to positive and lasting change. It can free up your potential and unblock habits that are holding you back, personally or professionally. Profound breakthroughs are par for the course. All your relationships can improve – not least the one you have with yourself.

Here’s a 3 minute video from the fantastic School of Life which says a bit more:

School of Life have a great website that you may find helpful if you’re trying to address some emotional issues. Here’s another video. Slightly longer, a great overview of some options: