Mick Herbert Therapy

Psychotherapy By Zoom

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”

Covid 19 has led practitioners to believe that deep psychotherapeutic work is possible online. I often used Skype pre-Pandemic, and I’m now committed to maintaining an online practice that is as effective as face-to-face work.

The benefits for clients have become clear. It saves commuter time. It’s convenient and more flexible if you have a busy schedule. Clients in remote areas have more chance to find the right therapist “fit”. Clients abroad can engage with a therapist who understands their culture and language. We can mix-and-match, so that if you’re available later for in-person work, we can meet at the practice.

The process is just the same as if we were to meet in person. You’ll need good broadband and a private space. We will agree a time, I will send you a secure password-protected link to Zoom that opens in any web browser, and we will have our 50-minute session. We don’t have as much access to each other’s body language, but the senses recalibrate fairly quickly. Some clients can relax more from the comfort of their own home. The work I’ve done with new clients outside London has been just as rich as with face-to-face encounters.